436 Sanderson St
Throop, PA 18512

Phone: 570-489-8311
Fax: 570-383-7122

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm

The Civic Center is now accepting basketball registrations for 2nd through 5th Grade!!

Click here to view information to Report Landfill Odors .

The Borough of Throop has a fascinating history. First attempts to have Throop cut off from Dickson City Borough and made into a separate subdivision failed. A petition circulated in 1888 and intended to be presented in court asking that what was then called the village of Throop be made a borough, was pigeonholed so Benjamin H. Throop, after whom the Borough was named, declared on request by W.R. Storrs, general manager of the coal department of the DL&W Railroad Co.

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10/14/14 Envelope Drive (Hose Co #1)
10/25/14 Hallow-wine Fest 12-6 (Hose Co #1)
11/16/14 Breakfast 8-12 (Hose Co #2) 
11/28/14 Coin Drop (Hose Co #2) 
12/13/14 Santa Parade Day Festivities in Throop (All Companies) 
12/13/14 Throop Borough Christmas Tree Lighting (Site to be determined)



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